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Museum exhibition design : programming, design, master plan, production, documentary and artwork research.

Set design : design, master plan, production, graphics, installation and de-installation.

Cultural and tourism engineering : assistance in project management, feasibility study, definition study, public surveys, architectural and museographic programming, inventories, documentary research and synopsis.

Audiovisual production : drafting of scripts for audio tours, visual tours and museographic films, directing of actors, monitoring of film crews, montages.

Cultural interpreting : drafting of written texts and audiovisual scripts, design and production of interactive items, models, mock-ups, multimedia devices, touch screens and educational booklets.

Design : design and master plan of museum fittings, sets, educational tools and staging.


Temporary exhibitions, permanent, exhibitions, travelling exhibitions, public and private museums, interpretive centres, tourist locations, nature parks, tourist boards, tourism planning, interactive trails, interpretive paths and outdoor trails, animal parks, cultural policies, stands and means of communication, museum receptions and stores, projection rooms.



Archaeology, history, ethnography, memory, architecture, industrial heritage, fine arts, sociology, military heritage, sport, geography, geology, fauna-flora, science and techniques, corporate museums, religious heritage, cinema, etc.


Musée de la Grande Guerre de Meaux

Exposition MARVEL et Cie

Océan, une plongée insolite en Normandie

Neovinum Ruoms

Musée de l’Ours des Cavernes

Experience Chantier

Bird Park

Aurec-sur-Loire Castle

Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, Polar Mission exhibition

Airborne Museum

Demeure Chamoncel Visitor Center

The Schlumberger Adventure

Château de Bouthéon

Cité de l’espace – Mission Alpha

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, Tropical Aquarium

Bird Park

The First Continental Railway Heritage Center

Maison Vermorel

Château de la Roche

Valrhona City of Chocolate

Museum of Art and Industry

Visitor Center of South of Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe

Comics Museum of Angoulême

Prehistory Museum of Solutré

Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris

Urban Museum Tony Garnier

Rocher Saint-Michel d’Aiguilhe

Oniria Les Charrons

Canet en Roussillon Aquarium Oniria

evian experience

Resistance and Deportation History Museum of Nantua

Museoparc Alésia

Fédération Française de Tennis

Museum of Arts and Crafts

National Records & Archives Museum

World War II Memorial

Museobulles Clairette de Die Jaillance

MuséoParc Alésia


Matho Museum

Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum

programmation museographique les charrons arques poles verrier

Glass Museum

Le Corbusier Housing Unit

Moldings Museum

Biospace, Natural History Museum

Urban Museum Tony Garnier

Master Plan Bird Park

World War II Memorial

Great War Visitor Center

Marseille History Museum

Velodrome Stadium

Bayeux Tapestry Museum

Visitor Center of the Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace

ASSE Football Club Museum

Ain Visitor Center in Bird Park

Al Saeedyia School Museum

Infantry Museum

Maubeuge Zoo

New Paladru Archaeology Museum

Witchcraft Museum

Cinema Museum

Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp

Loris loft Bird Park

Ras Al Jinz Visitor Center

Visitor Center of Solutré

Exhibition Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps

Archaeology Museum Larina Site

Prehistory Museum of Solutre

Museum of the Mountain Troops

The Museum of the Great War of Meaux

Boutheon Castle

Museum of Arts and Crafts

Mandrin House

Bait al Baranda Museum

Seaplane Museum of Biscarrosse

Wind Museum

Malbrouck Castle

Confluences Museum

Natural History Museum of Lyon

Pays de Génie, Strepy-Thieu

Ath Archaeological Museum